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AH11220(Exploring the School of Art Collections) AH11220 Module
AH11320(Art in Europe 1) AH11320 Module
AH11420(Art in Europe: From Romanticism to the Early Modernism, 1800-1900) AH11420 Module
AH11520(Looking into Landscape: Reading, Researching, Responding) AH11520 Module
AH11720 (Representing the Body) AH11720 Module
AH11820 (Photography Begins: European Genius and the Birth of a New Aesthetic) AH11820 Module
AH20020 (The Pre-Raphaelites) AH20020 Module
AH20320 (Methods and Materials for Art Historians) AH20320 Module
AH20520 (Art in Europe and America: Modernism 1900-1950) AH20520 Module
AH20620 (Practices and Theories of Art since 1960) AH20620 Module
AH20720 (Rethinking Impressionism) AH20720 Module
AH21020 (Dissertation Preparation and Professional Practice for Students of Art History) AH21020 Module
AH21620 (The Image Multiplied: European Printmaking since 1400) AH21620 Module
AH22820 (Thinking Photography) AH22820 Module
AH23120 (Adaptation: Versions, Revisions and Cultural Renewal) AH23120 Module
AH23420 (Gothic Imagination) AH23420 Module
AH23620 (Drawn to Order: British Illustration since 1800) AH23620 Module
AH23720 (Art in Wales) AH23720 Module
AH24020 (Documentary Photography) AH24020 Module
AH30020 (The Pre-Raphaelites) AH30020 Module
AH30320 (Methods and Materials for Art Historians) AH30320 Module
AH30620 (The Image Multiplied: European Printmaking since 1400) AH30620 Module
AH30720 (Rethinking Impressionism) AH30720 Module
AH30820 (Thinking Photography) AH30820 Module
AH32720 (Staging An Exhibition: Researching, Writing and Displaying) AH32720 Module
AH33120 (Adaptation: Versions, Revisions and Cultural Renewal) AH33120 Module
AH33420 (Gothic Imagination) AH33420 Module
AH33620 (Drawn to Order: British Illustration since 1800) AH33620 Module
AH33720 (Art in Wales) AH33720 Module
AH34020 (Documentary Photography) AH34020 Module
AHM0260 (Research Project) AHM0260 Module
AHM0940 (Artworld: Contemporary Practice in Context (for Students of Art History)) AHM0940 Module
AR11120 (Drawing: Looking, Seeing, Thinking) AR11120 Module
AR11220 (Painting: Looking, Seeing, Thinking) AR11220 Module
AR11320 (Drawing: Extended Practice) AR11320 Module
AR11420 (Painting: Extended Practice) AR11420 Module
AR11520 (Photographic Practice 1: Presence / Place) AR11520 Module
AR11620 (Photographic Practice II : Identity/Face) AR11620 Module
AR15320 (Interdisciplinary Practice 1) AR15320 Module
AR15420 (Interdisciplinary Practice 2) AR15420 Module
AR20120 (Painting 1) AR20120 Module
AR20230 (Painting 2) AR20230 Module
AR20720 (Photography 1) AR20720 Module
AR20830 (Photography 2) AR20830 Module
AR20920 (Painting 3) AR20920 Module
AR21030 (Painting 4) AR21030 Module
AR21620 (Photography 3) AR21620 Module
AR21730 (Photography 4) AR21730 Module
AR21820 (Illustration 1) AR21820 Module
AR21930 (Illustration 2) AR21930 Module
AR22110 (Life Studies 1) AR22110 Module
AR22210 (Life Studies 2) AR22210 Module
AR22320 (Printmaking 1: Relief Printing and Screenprinting) AR22320 Module
AR22430 (Printmaking 2: Relief Printing and Screenprinting) AR22430 Module
AR22520 (Printmaking 3: Intaglio, Stone and Plate Lithography) AR22520 Module
AR22630 (Printmaking 4: Intaglio, Stone and Plate Lithography) AR22630 Module
AR23210(Professional Practice for Students of Art) AR23210 Module
AR24320 (Photographic Practice III: Constructed Images) AR24320 Module
AR24420 (Photographic Practice IV: Documentary Storytelling) AR24420 Module
AR25320 (Interdisciplinary Practice 3) AR25320 Module
AR25420 (Interdisciplinary Practice 4) AR25420 Module
AR30130 (Exhibition 1: Graduation Show) AR30130 Module
AR30620 (Research and Process in Practice) AR30620 Module
AR31610 (Life Studies 3) AR31610 Module
AR31730 (Painting 5 - Paint Directed Practice) AR31730 Module
AR31840 (Painting 6 Paint Directed Practice) AR31840 Module
AR31930 (Printmaking 5 - Print Directed Practice) AR31930 Module
AR32040 (Printmaking 6 - Print Directed Practice) AR32040 Module
AR32130 (Photography 5 - Photo Directed Practice) AR32130 Module
AR32240 (Photography 6 - Photo Directed Practice) AR32240 Module
AR32330 (Book Illustration 3) AR32330 Module
AR32440 (Book Illustration 4) AR32440 Module
AR32540 (Exhibition 2: Graduation Show) AR32540 Module
AR35320 (Interdisciplinary Practice 5) AR35320 Module
AR35420 (Interdisciplinary Practice 6) AR35420 Module
ARM0120 (Vocational Practice) ARM0120 Module
ARM0260 (Exhibition 2: Resolution) ARM0260 Module
ARM0460 (Exhibition 1: Consolidation) ARM0460 Module
ARM0520 (Portfolio: Development) ARM0520 Module
PGM0410 (Ways of Reading) PGM0410 Module
PGM1810 (Ways of Working) PGM1810 Module
PGM4120 (Research Skills and Personal Development (0120)) PGM4120 Module

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