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CRM1020 (Criminological Theory and Perspectives) CRM1020 Module
CRM1120 (Critical Youth Justice) CRM1120 Module
CRM1220 (International Comparative Youth Justice) CRM1220 Module
CRM1320 (Miscarriages of Justice) CRM1320 Module
CRM1420 (Understanding and Investigating Serious Crime) CRM1420 Module
CRM1520 (International Perspectives of Green Criminology) CRM1520 Module
CRM9920 (Heritage, Arts and Antiques Crime Around the World) CRM9920 Module
CT10120 (System Cyfreithiol a Chyfiawnder Troseddol) CT10120 Module
CT10320 (Rheoli ac Atal Troseddu) CT10320 Module
CT10420 (Sgiliau ac Ymchwil Cyfreithiol) CT10420 Module
CT10520 (Cyfraith Droseddol) CT10520 Module
CT11120 (Cyfraith Camwedd) CT11120 Module
CT12220 (Cyflwyniad i Droseddeg) CT12220 Module
CT13120 (Troseddeg a Sgiliau Hanfodol ar Gyfer Troseddegwyr) CT13120 Module
CT13220 (Y Gyfraith ar Waith) CT13220 Module
CT13820 (Cyfraith Cytundebau) CT13820 Module
CT14120 (Troseddeg ar Waith) CT14120 Module
CT20120 (Systemau Cyfreithiol a Chyfiawnder Troseddol) CT20120 Module
CT20420 (Sgiliau ac Ymchwil Cyfreithiol) CT20420 Module
CT20520 (Cyfraith Troseddol) CT20520 Module
CT20620 (Cyfraith Gyhoeddus) CT20620 Module
CT20720 (Cyfraith Ewrop) CT20720 Module
CT21020 (Yr Heddlu, Plismona a'r Gymdeithas) CT21020 Module
CT21120 (Cyfraith Camwedd) CT21120 Module
CT22120 (Cyfraith a Pholisi Cymru) CT22120 Module
CT22220 (Cyflwyniad i Droseddeg) CT22220 Module
CT23020 (Trosedd a Chosb o Safbwynt Hanesyddol) CT23020 Module
CT23220 (Y Gyfraith ar Waith) CT23220 Module
CT23820 (Cyfraith Cytundebau) CT23820 Module
CT24820 (Cyfraith Tir) CT24820 Module
CT24920 (Ecwiti a Chyfraith Ymddiriedolaethau) CT24920 Module
CT25720 (Sgiliau Ymchwil Meintiol) CT25720 Module
CT26120 (Troseddau & Chyfiawnder Ieuenctid) CT26120 Module
CT30140 (Traethawd Estynedig Empeiraidd Troseddeg) CT30140 Module
CT30520 (Cyfraith Troseddol) CT30520 Module
CT30620 (Cyfraith Gyhoeddus) CT30620 Module
CT30720 (Cyfraith Ewrop) CT30720 Module
CT31020 (Yr Heddlu, Plismona a'r Gymdeithas) CT31020 Module
CT32120 (Cyfraith a Pholisi Cymru) CT32120 Module
CT32220 (Cyflwyniad i Droseddeg) CT32220 Module
CT33020 (Trosedd a Chosb o Safbwynt Hanesyddol) CT33020 Module
CT34820 (Cyfraith Tir) CT34820 Module
CT34920 (Ecwiti a Chyfraith Ymddiriedolaethau) CT34920 Module
CT35720 (Sgiliau Ymchwil Meintiol) CT35720 Module
CT36120 (Trosedd & Chyfiawnder Ieuenctid) CT36120 Module
CT37120 (Troseddeg Feirniadol a Radical) CT37120 Module
CT39020 (Traethawd Estynedig y Gyfraith a Throseddeg) CT39020 Module
LAM0120 (Legal Studies) LAM0120 Module
LAM0420 (Aspects of Commercial Contracting) LAM0420 Module
LAM0620 (International Criminal Law) LAM0620 Module
LAM0720 (International Commercial Law) LAM0720 Module
LAM0820 (International Environmental Law) LAM0820 Module
LAM1110 (International Law of the Marine Environment) LAM1110 Module
LAM1220 (International Trade Law) LAM1220 Module
LAM1620 (International Human Rights Law) LAM1620 Module
LAM2420 (Law and Gender) LAM2420 Module
LAM4220 (International Humanitarian Law) LAM4220 Module
LAM4420 (Migration and Asylum Law) LAM4420 Module
LAM4520 (Philosophy of Human Rights Protection) LAM4520 Module
LAM5010 (Study Skills) LAM5010 Module
LAM5110 (Introduction to Environmental Science) LAM5110 Module
LAM5210 (Introduction to Environmental Law) LAM5210 Module
LAM5310 (Principles of European Community Environmental Law) LAM5310 Module
LAM5410 (Nature Conservation Law) LAM5410 Module
LAM5510 (Control of Pollution Law 1) LAM5510 Module
LAM5610 (Control of Pollution Law 2) LAM5610 Module
LAM5810 (Waste Management Law and Policy) LAM5810 Module
LAM5910 (Planning Law and Land Use) LAM5910 Module
LAM6010 (International Environmental Law) LAM6010 Module
LAM6810 (Strategies of Cartel Regulation) LAM6810 Module
LAM6910 (The Regulation of Business Cartels in Europe) LAM6910 Module
LAM7110 (The Law and Electronic Commerce: Substantive Topics) LAM7110 Module
LAM7210 (Negotiating International Contracts) LAM7210 Module
LAM7610 (Regulation of the Transnational Internet) LAM7610 Module
LAM8010 (Migration and Asylum Law) LAM8010 Module
LAM8110 (Foundations of Public International Law) LAM8110 Module
LAM8210 (Introduction to International Human Rights Law) LAM8210 Module
LAM8310 (International Humanitarian Law) LAM8310 Module
LAM8410 (The Sociology of Human Rights Violations) LAM8410 Module
LAM8510 (The Philosophy of Human Rights Protection) LAM8510 Module
LAM8610 (Mental Health and Human Rights) LAM8610 Module
LAM8710 (Sources of International Criminal Law) LAM8710 Module
LAM8810 (Institutions of International Criminal Law) LAM8810 Module
LAM8910 (General Principles of International Criminal Liability and Defences) LAM8910 Module
LAM9010 (Definitional Elements of Substantive International Crimes) LAM9010 Module
LAM9110 (Human Rights in the Information Age) LAM9110 Module
LAM9210 (Subsistence and Welfare Rights) LAM9210 Module
LAM9410 (Climate Change Law and Policy) LAM9410 Module
LAM9510 (International Business, Environment & Human Rights) LAM9510 Module
LAM9610 (Food, Ecology and E.U. Law) LAM9610 Module
LC10120 (Legal and Criminal Justice Systems) LC10120 Module
LC10320 (Crime Control and Prevention) LC10320 Module
LC10420 (Legal Skills and Research) LC10420 Module
LC10520 (Criminal Law) LC10520 Module
LC11120 (Tort) LC11120 Module
LC12220 (Introduction to Criminology) LC12220 Module
LC13120 (Essential Skills for Criminologists) LC13120 Module
LC13220 (Law in Action) LC13220 Module
LC13620 (Foundations of Psychology) LC13620 Module
LC13820 (Contract Law) LC13820 Module
LC14120 (Criminology in Action) LC14120 Module
LC20120 (Legal and Criminal Justice Systems) LC20120 Module
LC20420 (Legal Skills and Research) LC20420 Module
LC20520 (Criminal Law) LC20520 Module
LC20620 (Public Law) LC20620 Module
LC20720 (European Law) LC20720 Module
LC21020 (Police, Policing and Society) LC21020 Module
LC21120 (Tort) LC21120 Module
LC21220 (Business Law) LC21220 Module
LC22020 (Critical Perspectives on Imprisonment) LC22020 Module
LC22220 (Introduction to Criminology) LC22220 Module
LC22320 (Wrongful convictions in criminological context) LC22320 Module
LC23020 (Crime & Punishment in Historical Perspective) LC23020 Module
LC23220 (Law in Action) LC23220 Module
LC23820 (Contract Law) LC23820 Module
LC24020 (Psychology and Crime) LC24020 Module
LC24820 (Land Law) LC24820 Module
LC24920 (Equity and Trusts) LC24920 Module
LC25220 (Human Rights) LC25220 Module
LC25720 (Quantitative Research Skills) LC25720 Module
LC26120 (Youth Crime and Justice) LC26120 Module
LC26220 (Commercial Law) LC26220 Module
LC26320 (Criminal Justice and the Penal System) LC26320 Module
LC26420 (Family and Child Law) LC26420 Module
LC26520 (Principles of Evidence) LC26520 Module
LC26720 (Medicine Ethics and the Law) LC26720 Module
LC26820 (Labour Law) LC26820 Module
LC26920 (International Law) LC26920 Module
LC27720 (Environmental Law) LC27720 Module
LC28120 (Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour) LC28120 Module
LC28620 (Intellectual Property Law) LC28620 Module
LC29120 (Treatment and Rehabilitation of Offenders) LC29120 Module
LC30140 (Empirically Based Criminology Dissertation) LC30140 Module
LC30520 (Criminal Law) LC30520 Module
LC30620 (Public Law) LC30620 Module
LC30720 (European Law) LC30720 Module
LC31020 (Police, Policing and Society) LC31020 Module
LC31220 (Business Law) LC31220 Module
LC32020 (Critical Perspectives on Imprisonment) LC32020 Module
LC32220 (Introduction to Criminology) LC32220 Module
LC32320 (Wrongful convictions in criminological context) LC32320 Module
LC33020 (Crime and Punishment in Historical Perspective) LC33020 Module
LC34020 (Psychology and Crime) LC34020 Module
LC34820 (Land Law) LC34820 Module
LC34920 (Equity and Trusts) LC34920 Module
LC35220 (Human Rights) LC35220 Module
LC35720 (Quantitative Research Skills) LC35720 Module
LC36120 (Youth Crime and Justice) LC36120 Module
LC36220 (Commercial Law) LC36220 Module
LC36320 (Criminal Justice and the Penal System) LC36320 Module
LC36420 (Family and Child Law) LC36420 Module
LC36520 (Principles of Evidence) LC36520 Module
LC36620 (Employability Skills for Professionals) LC36620 Module
LC36720 (Medicine Ethics and the Law) LC36720 Module
LC36820 (Labour Law) LC36820 Module
LC36920 (International Law) LC36920 Module
LC37120 (Critical and Radical Criminology) LC37120 Module
LC37720 (Environmental Law) LC37720 Module
LC38120 (Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour) LC38120 Module
LC38620 (Intellectual Property Law) LC38620 Module
LC39020 (Law and Criminology Dissertation) LC39020 Module
LC39120 (Treatment and Rehabilitation of Offenders) LC39120 Module
LDM0120 (Legal Studies) LDM0120 Module
LDM0420 (Aspects of Commercial Contracting) LDM0420 Module
LDM0520 (International Copyright Law) LDM0520 Module
LDM0620 (International Criminal Law) LDM0620 Module
LDM0720 (International Commercial Law) LDM0720 Module
LDM0820 (International Environmental Law) LDM0820 Module
LDM0920 (Nature Conservation & Marine Environmental Law) LDM0920 Module
LDM1220 (International Trade Law) LDM1220 Module
LDM1620 (International Human Rights Law) LDM1620 Module
LDM1720 (Climate Change Law and Policy) LDM1720 Module
LDM1920 (Criminology of International Conflict Personnel) LDM1920 Module
LDM2320 (Contemporary Issues in Food Policy and Law) LDM2320 Module
LDM2420 (Law and Gender) LDM2420 Module
LDM2820 (The Law Relating to E-Commerce) LDM2820 Module
LDM3520 (Regulation of Business Cartels) LDM3520 Module
LDM4020 (Human RIghts, Business and the Internet) LDM4020 Module
LDM4220 (International Humanitarian Law) LDM4220 Module
LDM4420 (Migration and Asylum Law) LDM4420 Module
LDM4520 (Philosophy and Sociology of Human Rights Protection) LDM4520 Module
LDM4820 (Human Rights, Environment and International Business) LDM4820 Module
LDM4920 (Democracy and International Law) LDM4920 Module
LDM6260 (Dissertation) LDM6260 Module
PGM0410 (Ways of Reading) PGM0410 Module
PGM2710(Theoretical Foundations of Research in Law and Criminology) PGM2710 Module
PGM4420 (Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis (1120)) PGM4420 Module
PGM6210 (Philosophy and Contemporary Culture) PGM6210 Module

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