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FG14010 (Dynameg Glasurol) FG14010 Module
MA00910(Introduction to Statistics) MA00910 Module
MA01020(Mathematics Tutorial) MA01020 Module
MA02610(Foundations of Mathematics 1) MA02610 Module
MA03610(Foundations of Mathematics 2) MA03610 Module
MA10110 (Coordinate and Vector Geometry) MA10110 Module
MA10310 (Probability) MA10310 Module
MA10510(Algebra) MA10510 Module
MA11110 (Mathematical Analysis) MA11110 Module
MA11210 (Differential Equations) MA11210 Module
MA11310 (Statistics) MA11310 Module
MA15110 (Games, Puzzles and Strategies) MA15110 Module
MA15210 (Games, Puzzles and Strategies 2) MA15210 Module
MA20110 (Real Analysis) MA20110 Module
MA20310 (Introduction to Abstract Algebra) MA20310 Module
MA21410 (Linear Algebra) MA21410 Module
MA21510 (Complex Analysis) MA21510 Module
MA25220(Introduction to Numerical Analysis and its applications) MA25220 Module
MA25610 (Hydrodynamics 1) MA25610 Module
MA25710(Advanced Dynamics) MA25710 Module
MA26010 (Distributions and Estimation) MA26010 Module
MA26620(Applied Statistics) MA26620 Module
MA30110 (Group Theory) MA30110 Module
MA30210 (Norms and Differential Equations) MA30210 Module
MA30510 (Geometry of Complex Numbers) MA30510 Module
MA32410 (Graphs and Networks) MA32410 Module
MA32610 (Topology) MA32610 Module
MA33310 (Integral Transforms) MA33310 Module
MA33410 (Theory of Elasticity) MA33410 Module
MA34110 (Partial Differential Equations) MA34110 Module
MA34210 (Asymptotic Methods in Mechanics) MA34210 Module
MA34610 (Hydrodynamics ii) MA34610 Module
MA34710 (Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations) MA34710 Module
MA34810 (Mathematical Models of Biological Systems) MA34810 Module
MA34920 (Mathematical Models of Biological Systems) MA34920 Module
MA35210(Topics in Biological Statistics) MA35210 Module
MA35810 (Information Theory) MA35810 Module
MA36010 (Comparative Statistical Inference) MA36010 Module
MA36510 (Linear Statistical Models) MA36510 Module
MA37010 (Lebesgue Integration) MA37010 Module
MA37410 (Probability and Stochastic Processes) MA37410 Module
MA37810 (Stochastic Models in Finance) MA37810 Module
MA38310 (Operator Algebra) MA38310 Module
MA39910 (Project in Mathematics or Statistics) MA39910 Module
MAM2620 (Algebraic Topology) MAM2620 Module
MAM3320 (Integral Equations) MAM3320 Module
MAM5120 (Statistical Concepts, Methods and Tools) MAM5120 Module
MAM5220 (Statistical Techniques for Computational Biology) MAM5220 Module
MAM7020 (Lebesgue Integration) MAM7020 Module
MAM9060 (Dissertation) MAM9060 Module
MAM9720 (Minor Project) MAM9720 Module
MAM9840 (Major Project) MAM9840 Module
MP10610 (Calculus) MP10610 Module
MP11010 (Further Algebra and Calculus) MP11010 Module
MP12910 (Career Planning and Skills Development) MP12910 Module
MT10110 (Geometreg Gyfesurynnol a Fectoraidd) MT10110 Module
MT10310 (Tebygoleg) MT10310 Module
MT10510(Algebra) MT10510 Module
MT10610(Calcwlws) MT10610 Module
MT11010 (Algebra a Chalcwlws Pellach) MT11010 Module
MT11110 (Dadansoddi Mathemategol) MT11110 Module
MT11210 (Hafaliadau Differol) MT11210 Module
MT11310 (Ystadegaeth) MT11310 Module
MT12910 (Cynllunio Gyrfa a Datblygu Sgiliau) MT12910 Module
MT20110 (Dadansoddiad Real) MT20110 Module
MT21410 (Algebra Llinol) MT21410 Module
MT25220(Cyflwyniad i Ddadansoddiad Rhifiadol a'i gymhwysiadau) MT25220 Module
MT25610 (Hydrodynameg 1) MT25610 Module
MT30210(Normau a Hafaliadau Differol) MT30210 Module
MT32410(Graffiau a Rhwydweithiau) MT32410 Module
MT34110 (Hafaliadau Differol Rhannol) MT34110 Module
MT34210 (Dulliau Asymptotig mewn Mecaneg) MT34210 Module
MT39020(Cyflwyniad i Addysgu Mathemateg mewn Ysgol Uwchradd) MT39020 Module
MT39910 (Prosiect Mewn Mathemateg neu Ystadegaeth) MT39910 Module
MTM9720 (Prosiect Llai) MTM9720 Module
MTM9840 (Prif Brosiect) MTM9840 Module
PGM2810 (Skills in Bioinformatics for Biologists) PGM2810 Module

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