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DS24110 (Human Communication) DS24110 Module
DS24310 (Developing Academic and Reflective Skills) DS24310 Module
DS30210 (Information Sources) DS30210 Module
DS30510 (Collection Management) DS30510 Module
DS30620 (Dissertation) DS30620 Module
DS30810 (Focus on the Child:Reading and Libraries) DS30810 Module
DS31020 (Collection Management) DS31020 Module
DS31530 (Dissertation) DS31530 Module
DS31620 (Information Retrieval) DS31620 Module
DS31820 (Information Sources: Access, Use and Evaluation) DS31820 Module
DS32620 (Marketing of Services) DS32620 Module
DS33320 (Research Methodology) DS33320 Module
DS33410 (School Libraries and Learning Resources) DS33410 Module
DS34020 (Information Literacy) DS34020 Module
DS34520 (Archive Management: Principles and Techniques) DS34520 Module
DS34820 (Knowledge Management) DS34820 Module
DS35010 (Digital Information: Discovery to Delivery) DS35010 Module
DS35620 (Digital Presence and Social Media) DS35620 Module
DS35720 (Knowledge and Information Architecture) DS35720 Module
DS36020 (Information and Society) DS36020 Module
DS36210 (Introduction to Rare Book Librarianship) DS36210 Module
DS36310 (Advanced Rare Books Librarianship) DS36310 Module
DS36520 (Management of Organisations) DS36520 Module
DSM0020 (Archives and Manuscripts : Content and Use) DSM0020 Module
DSM0520 (Digital Presence: Content and Creation) DSM0520 Module
DSM0720 (Research and Evaluation Methods in Information Systems) DSM0720 Module
DSM0820 (Records and Information Governance) DSM0820 Module
DSM0910 (Workplace Case Study) DSM0910 Module
DSM1460 (Dissertation) DSM1460 Module
DSM1610 (Rare Books Librarianship i) DSM1610 Module
DSM1710 (Rare Books Librarianship ii) DSM1710 Module
DSM1810 (Research in the Profession) DSM1810 Module
DSM1910 (Music Librarianship) DSM1910 Module
DSM2020 (Access, Outreach and Advocacy) DSM2020 Module
DSM2120 (Collections Care) DSM2120 Module
DSM2220 (Digital Collection Development) DSM2220 Module
DSM2320 (Digital Preservation) DSM2320 Module
DSM2410 (Archives and Records – Practical Project) DSM2410 Module
DSM2520 (Record Keeping Process and Practice) DSM2520 Module
DSM2610 (Record Keeping Theories and Contexts) DSM2610 Module
DSM2820 (Archive Management: Principles & Techniques) DSM2820 Module
DSM3220 (Digital Information Literacy) DSM3220 Module
DSM3420 (Archive Managment : Management of Archive Services) DSM3420 Module
DSM3520 (Archive Collection development and Description) DSM3520 Module
DSM3730 (Archives and Manuscripts : Content and Use) DSM3730 Module
DSM3810 (Manuscript Skills:Post Medieval Palaeography & Diplomatic) DSM3810 Module
DSM5420 (Information Services: Planning for Delivery) DSM5420 Module
DSM6010 (Digital Preservation) DSM6010 Module
DSM6105 (Change for Information Environments) DSM6105 Module
DSM6220 (Work Case Study: Digital Preservation) DSM6220 Module
DSM6310 (Workplace Case Study: Digital Preservation) DSM6310 Module
DSM6405 (Risk and Innovation in Information Management) DSM6405 Module
DSM6820 (Knowledge and Information Architecture) DSM6820 Module
DSM7430 (Studies in Management) DSM7430 Module
DSM7510 (Digital Information : Discovery to Delivery) DSM7510 Module
DSM7620 (Information and Society) DSM7620 Module
DSM7720 (Studies in Management) DSM7720 Module
DSM7820 (Information Organisation and Retrieval) DSM7820 Module
DSM8010 (Collection Management) DSM8010 Module
DSM8310 (Management Information Systems) DSM8310 Module
DSM8520 (Compliance Law and Ethics) DSM8520 Module
DSM8810 (Focus on the Child : Reading and Libraries) DSM8810 Module
DSM9930 (Digital Risk and Asset Management) DSM9930 Module
GS01120 (Critical Thinking and Research Skills) GS01120 Module
IL10120 (Foundations of Information Studies) IL10120 Module
IL10320 (The Cultural Heritage Landscape) IL10320 Module
IL10520 (Effective Communication) IL10520 Module
IL11120 (The Archival Inheritance) IL11120 Module
IL20220 (Information in a Changing World) IL20220 Module
IL20320 (Museums in the 21st Century) IL20320 Module
IL20420 (Record Revolutions: A Cultural History of Record Keeping) IL20420 Module
IL20620 (Resource Discovery and Digital Information Management) IL20620 Module
IL30220 (Creativity and Serendipity: theories and digital applications) IL30220 Module
IL30420 (Knowledge and Information Management) IL30420 Module
ILM1460 Dissertation ILM1460 Module
ILM1820 (Medieval and Post -Medieval Palaeography and Diplomatic) ILM1820 Module
ILM2020 (Access, outreach and advocacy) ILM2020 Module
ILM2120 (Collections Care) ILM2120 Module
ILM2220 (Digital Collection Development) ILM2220 Module
ILM2320 (Digital Preservation) ILM2320 Module
ILM2410 (Archives and Records – Practical Project) ILM2410 Module
ILM2520 (Recordkeeping Process and Practice) ILM2520 Module
ILM2610 (Recordkeeping Theories and Contexts) ILM2610 Module
ILM2720 (Media Archives) ILM2720 Module
ILM3220 (Developing Information Literacy in a Digital World) ILM3220 Module
ILM4120 (Post Medieval Palaeography and Diplomatic) ILM4120 Module
ILM5120 (Information and Society) ILM5120 Module
ILM5220 (Studies in Management) ILM5220 Module
ILM5320 (Information Organisation and Retrieval) ILM5320 Module
ILM5420 (Information Services: Planning for Delivery) ILM5420 Module
ILM8120 (Rare Books and Special Collections) ILM8120 Module
ILM8220 (Collection Management) ILM8220 Module
ILM8620 (Knowledge and Information Architecture) ILM8620 Module
ILM9020 (Information Systems in Organisations) ILM9020 Module
PGM1210 (Manuscript Skills: Post Medieval Palaeographic and Diplomatic) PGM1210 Module
PGM3410 (Using Manuscript Sources for Medieval Studies: palaeography and diplomatic) PGM3410 Module

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