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IC00110 (Introduction to Reading and Writing Skills for University) IC00110 Module
IC00210 (Introduction to Listening and Speaking Skills for University) IC00210 Module
IC00340 (Language, Culture and Communication) IC00340 Module
IC00410 (Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking for University (Study Routes A & B)) IC00410 Module
IC00510 (Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking for University (Study Routes C)) IC00510 Module
IC00610 (Listening and Speaking Skills for University (Routes A & B)) IC00610 Module
IC00710 (Listening and Speaking Skills for University (Route C)) IC00710 Module
IC00810 (Language Enhancement for University Study (Study Routes A and B)) IC00810 Module
IC00910 (Language Enhancement for University Study (Study Route C)) IC00910 Module
IC01020 (Advanced Listening and Speaking for University) IC01020 Module
IC01120 (Advanced Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking for University) IC01120 Module
IC01220 (Advanced Integrated Skills for University Study) IC01220 Module
IC02030 (Keys to Business, Economics, Finance and Accounting) IC02030 Module
IC02130 (Keys to Film, Television, Media and Theatre Studies) IC02130 Module
IC02230 (Keys to Computer Science) IC02230 Module
IC02330 (Keys to International Politics) IC02330 Module
IC02430 (Keys to Law) IC02430 Module
IC07620 (Academic Skills for Computer Science 1) IC07620 Module
IC07720(Academic Skills for Computer Science) IC07720 Module
IC10210 (Academic Writing 1) IC10210 Module
IC10310 (Academic Writing 2) IC10310 Module
IC13420 (Language Awareness for TESOL) IC13420 Module
IC17720 (Planning, Process and Product in Academic Writing) IC17720 Module
IC23420 (TESOL Approaches, Methods and Teaching Techniques) IC23420 Module
IC27720 (Advanced Communication in English in An Academic Context) IC27720 Module
IC37820 (Advanced Communication in English in an Academic Context 2) IC37820 Module

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