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Essential Texts in Psychology PREPSYCH Module
PGM2910 (Research Writing Programme) PGM2910 Module
PGM4310 (Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis) PGM4310 Module
PGM4420 (Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis (1120)) PGM4420 Module
PGM4510 (Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis (1710)) PGM4510 Module
PS10220 (Introduction to Forensic Psychology) PS10220 Module
PS11220 (Brain, Behaviour and Cognition) PS11220 Module
PS11320 (Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology) PS11320 Module
PS11420 (Introduction to core topics in Social and Individual Behaviour) PS11420 Module
PS11520 (Applications of Psychology) PS11520 Module
PS11610 (Designing Psychological Research Projects) PS11610 Module
PS11710 (Personal Development and Organisational Behaviour) PS11710 Module
PS11820 (Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology) PS11820 Module
PS12120 (Foundations of Counselling: Skills & Theory 1) PS12120 Module
PS20220 (Social Psychology) PS20220 Module
PS20310 (Qualitative Research Methods) PS20310 Module
PS20420 (The Psychology of Language) PS20420 Module
PS20620 (Psychology in Practice) PS20620 Module
PS20720 (Health Psychology) PS20720 Module
PS21020 (Evolutionary Psychology) PS21020 Module
PS21220 (Forensic Psychology) PS21220 Module
PS21310 (Quantitative Research Methods) PS21310 Module
PS21410(Qualitative Research Methods) PS21410 Module
PS21620(Psychology of Humour) PS21620 Module
PS21720 (Issues in Clinical Psychology) PS21720 Module
PS21820 (Cognitive Psychology) PS21820 Module
PS22120 (Foundations of Counselling II: Further Skills and Theory) PS22120 Module
PS30620 (Psychology in Practice) PS30620 Module
PS30820 (Drugs and Behaviour) PS30820 Module
PS31520 (Psychology Critical Review) PS31520 Module
PS31720 (21st Century Self: Critical and Constructionist Approaches to Contemporary Personhood) PS31720 Module
PS31820 (Child Language: Development and Assessment) PS31820 Module
PS31920 (The Psychology of Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring) PS31920 Module
PS32120 (Behavioural Neuroscience) PS32120 Module
PS32220 (The psychology of Ageing: older adults) PS32220 Module
PS32320 (Sex and relationships in psychotherapeutic practice) PS32320 Module
PS32620 (Psychology of Humour) PS32620 Module
PS33140 (Psychology Research Project for Single Honours) PS33140 Module
PS33240 (Counselling Research Project) PS33240 Module
PS33340 (Forensic Psychology Dissertation) PS33340 Module
PS34120 (Psychology Research Project for Joint Honours) PS34120 Module
PS34220 (Cognitive Psychology for Joint Honours) PS34220 Module
PS34320 (Developmental Psychology) PS34320 Module
PS35120 (Psychological Wellbeing in the Workplace) PS35120 Module
PSM0120 (Implementation Science) PSM0120 Module
PSM0220 (Behaviour Change at the Tails of the Bell Curve: At-Risk, Challenging, Hard-to-Reach, and Diverse Po) PSM0220 Module
PSM0320 (The Psychology of Behaviour Change) PSM0320 Module
PSM0520 (Transdisciplinary Dialogue) PSM0520 Module
PSM0660 (Psychology PGT Dissertation (Behaviour Change)) PSM0660 Module
PSS0260 (Work Placement) PSS0260 Module
PSS0360 (Work Placement) PSS0360 Module
SC11320 (Cyflwyniad i ddulliau ymchwil mewn seicoleg) SC11320 Module
SC20620 (Seicoleg mewn gweithred) SC20620 Module
SC20720 (Seicoleg Iechyd) SC20720 Module
SC21310 (Dulliau Ymchwil Meintiol) SC21310 Module
SC30620 (Seicoleg mewn gweithred) SC30620 Module
SC33140 (Prosiect ymchwil Seicoleg ar gyfer anrhydedd sengl) SC33140 Module
SC33240 (Prosiect Ymchwil Cwnsella) SC33240 Module
SC34120 (Prosiect ymchwil Seicoleg ar gyfer cyd-anrhydedd) SC34120 Module

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